Translate Mic

Translate Mic improves the pickup of dialog between two people during real-time voice translation using any translation app. A long-range MEMS microphone on the back of the smartphone faces the person talking, and a short-range unidirectional MEMS microphone at the front isolates outside noises.

Designed by: Jack Ting, Helen Ting and Shen Hong-Shu for Union Genius Computer Co., Ltd.

Contact: jun.h@ugcc.com.twhttp://www.keydex.com.tw/en/

Rylo 360

The Rylo Camera is a compact 360-degree camera that makes it easy to shoot, edit and share cinematic video. First, capture footage in 360-degree mode. When you connect the camera to your smartphone, choose a subject in the editing app and the software will automatically follow the person to produce a seamless image-stabilized point-of-view video.

Designed by: Fred Bould, IDSA, Anson Cheung and Byron Lee of Bould Design for Rylo

Contact: anson@bould.comwww.bould.comwww.rylo.com


The THETA V is a next-generation smart 360-degree spherical camera that offers 360-degree spatial audio recording to link audio and movies. It also allows users to install apps to extended the functionality, for instance, project to TV screens remotely and move spherical visuals for viewing without a smartphone.

Designed by: Tomohiko Sasaki, Naoto Tsuruoka, Yuuta Nishimura, Sachiko Fukumaru and Toshihiko Kawa of Corporate Design Center, Intellectual Property Division, Ricoh Co., Ltd.

Contact: kazuyuki.saitoh@nts.ricoh.co.jphttps://theta360.com/en/about/theta/v.html

RICOH R Development Kit

The RICOH R Development Kit is a 360-degree spherical live-streaming camera enabling continuous 24-hour operation. Images taken in the equirectangular projection format, a standard format for 360-degree images, can be converted in real time with the RICOH R Development Kit. It can be widely used in fields such as telexistence, computer vision and entertainment.

Designed by: Tomohiko Sasaki and Toshihiko Kawa of Corporate Design Center, Intellectual Property Division, Ricoh Co., Ltd.

Contact: kazuyuki.saitoh@nts.ricoh.co.jphttp://ricohr.ricoh/en/

Pico Neo

Thanks to the excellent performance of the Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 835 mobile VR platform and ultrasonic technology, the Pico Neo VR headset has incorporated 6DoF tracking and positioning functionality. Without any external sensors, Pico Neo is able to track both head and hand movement.

Designed by: Pico Technology Co., Ltd.

Contact: nancy.yao@picovr.comwww.picovr.com

Mirage Solo w/Daydream + Google Vega VR 180 Camera

The Lenovo Mirage Solo with Daydream VR headset features WorldSense™ body-tracking technology and a super-wide 110-degree field of view that places the entire Daydream library in your hands. The pocket-sized Vega VR Camera captures real-life depth in 4K quality, allowing you to relive your memories later with your VR headset.

Designed by: Lenovo Experience Design Group

Contact: wbaker3@lenovo.comwww.lenovo.com


The LAVA ME is the world's first one-piece injection-molded carbon-fiber guitar. It provides great sound and an effortless playing experience. A new kind of carbon fiber composited material called AirSonic enables the LAVA ME to produce greater volume, a wider frequency range and a longer sustain than most wooden guitars.

Designed by: Minke Liu, Tosca Zhou, Ray Zhong, Bill Kele and Zitian Lu of the Lava Music

Contact: louizteinluk@foxmail.comwww.lavamusic.com

HP Sprocket 2-in-1

The HP Sprocket 2-in-1 is a combination smartphone printer and 5 MP resolution view-finder camera. It can quickly print smartphone and social media images, view photo collections and customize the images before printing. And it is small enough to fit in a pocket, wallet case or carry bag.

Designed by: HP Global Experience Design Team / HP Imaging & Printing, HP Inc.

Contact: drolan@gmail.comhttps://store.hp.com/

Fitbit Flyer

The Fitbit Flyer wireless fitness headphones are built to withstand the toughest workouts while also offering comfort and versatility for all-day use. Its low-profile design sits flush with the ear for a secure modular fit, and the hydrophobic nano coating is durable enough to weather any condition.

Designed by: Jonah Becker, Brian Paschke, Mark Huang, Gregoire Vandenbussche and Robin Rayno of Fitbit



The Edge Android TV box enables broadcasters to deliver integrated video services and applications and enables viewer to have a seamless experience when moving from traditional linear viewing to on-demand viewing and using applications. Its primary objective is to unify the viewing experience in a common platform with a single interface.

Designed by: Haoxiang Hu, Haopeng Li, Hao Ding and Minyang Li Yulu of Skyworth Digital

Contact: mr.h.hu@foxmail.com