Zody is a high-performance, mid-priced office chair that integrates a strong design sensibility with sustainability. Designers conducted extensive material analysis to ensure the chair’s components would be ecologically sensitive. Before being approved for use, each material was rigorously examined down to the 100 parts per million level for human and environmental health. Components are easily replaced or repaired, and a concurrently established take-back program will ensure the chair, which can be broken down into its constituent parts in only 15 minutes, is properly recycled at the end of its life. Zody is also the first product to be certified at the gold level in the MBDC Cradle to Cradle certification program. To provide maximum comfort, Zody features an asymmetrical lumbar support system, which research showed was the type of support preferred by most users. It also has four-way adjustable arms, a sliding seat, three-point tilt mechanism and a gel seat option that lowers pressure on the hips and lower back.

Contact: Julie Smith
Haworth Inc.

Credit: Haworth Inc. and ITO - Design