SIM from Tricycle


Carpet samples contribute an estimated 1 million pounds of waste to America’s landfills every year. They are also expensive to produce—$250–500 each, a cost mills are forced to swallow as a loss leader. A cost-effective and environmentally sensitive alternative, SIM digitally models carpet and textiles for manufacturers when prototyping new designs and for architects and designers when reviewing samples in the early stages of a project. SIM produces color-accurate renderings by capturing the fiber color under a specific light source and even includes a representation of the design’s pattern by actually simulating the carpet machine manufacturing. The samples use 95 percent less energy and water and are 100 percent recyclable into paper products. Produced on-demand, there is no excess inventory, and wait times for designers are cut from days, sometimes weeks, to 24 hours.

“…showcases the potential of design to significantly reduce environmental burdens, while reducing both costs and time to market for carpet sampling. This effort has shown how the inclusion of ecological concerns in the creative process can generate a competitive advantage.”
--JohnPaul Kusz, IDSA, co-director, Center for Sustainable Enterprise

Contact: Caleb Ludwick
Tricycle, Inc

Credit: Tricycle, Inc