Mion Footwear


Mion is a high-performance amphibious shoe that provides unique comfort in an ecologically sensitive design. The project incorporated several cutting-edge environmental innovations that have advanced best practices for green product design and development in the footwear industry. Mion contains the first ever Eco Metrics label (inspired by the FDA’s nutritional-facts label) to provide consumers with details on the impact of their purchase. The shoe is heavily comprised of ethyl vinyl acetate (EVA), a relatively inert material. EVA’s ability to be easily molded (instead of cutting and gluing), enabled radical reductions in both energy use and waste generation. Mion’s repertoire of ecologically sensitive materials includes a corn-based film, which produces the unusual morphic effect on the outer surface. Mion also provides the protection and comfort expected from a sport shoe, including the ergomorphic footbed that permanently molds to the wearer’s foot after 12 hours and its light weight even after being in the water all day.

Contact: Amy Cunningham
Mion Footwear

Credit: Keen Design Studio and Timberland Invention Factory

Client: The Timberland Company