DripAssist is a battery-operated IV flow monitor and alarm that makes it easier for healthcare workers to deliver medications or fluids precisely and efficiently.  Many healthcare settings around the world (including some in the US) deliver medications to people without using an infusion pump. This means users manually set a flow rate using a clamp, while watching individual drops fall from a bag of fluid and counting those drops, calculating how many per minute equals the correct dosage rate, resulting in what research shows is very error prone process. The DripAssist eliminates the guesswork and tells the user precisely how fast the fluid is flowing, which allows the healthcare worker to know how much medication the patient is receiving. The device works with any standard infusion set, and it can calculate flow rate (mL/h), drops per minute (dp/m) and total volume (mL) of fluids administered. An alarm alerts the user when the flow rate falls outside a safe limit or stops, and a visual drop indicator to provide feedback to the user that the device is working correctly. The handheld, portable DripAssist runs off one AA battery, which makes it an ideal solution for everything from veterinarians to field medicine; from home health care to hospitals.

Designed by: Tactile of Shift Labs

Contact: outhorn@tactileinc.com