Digital Interaction

Samsung, Inspired by You

Samsung Electronics needed to deliver its brand vision and philosophy for its IoT technology where every product is connected for smarter daily life. A key message of the campaign was “Samsung, Inspired by You” supported by a multimedia installation. Digital kiosks were designed to help people digest the idea of the IoT, a connected world created by and for the consumers. It enabled visitors to create their own content and send it to their screens in real time and aroused the visitors’ curiosity about being a part of the IoT world.

Designed by: Cheil Worldwide, Cheil MDLab, DaamDaam Samuso, Tamschick Media + Space for Samsung

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Philips Illumeo

Illumeo changes how we see, seek and share clinical information. It is a new paradigm for clinically-intelligent software that augments the skills of clinicians and redefines how they currently interface with images. Designed to empower radiologists and work for them, Illumeo provides the technology and tools that enhance their expertise and efficiency. By improving their interaction with images and enabling a rich and dynamic output for referring physicians, it increases the value of the radiologist to the clinical care team. 

Designed by: Philips Design for Philips

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Milwaukee Redstick Digital Level

The Milwaukee Redstick Digital Level is one of the first mainstream box-level products to offer digital-only feedback. It features pinpoint measurement technology, which provides precision results through numeric, graphic color and audio information via a high-resolution circular display. The display was designed to be read both from the side and the top. Users can select how they want the measurements displayed: angle, percent, inches/feet or millimeters/meters. They can also change the sensitivity of the mode selected and the tolerances. The interactive display guides users through all available preferences. The audio signals add a level of intuitiveness to the digital readout. The digital signal tolerances can be adjusted so that if you want something close to level, it will let you know when you get there.

Designed by: Tactile Design Team and Milwaukee Tools Design Group

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For the UX design for the LG SIGNATURE OLED TV R9, the designers defined three key scenarios. Full view is when the TV is unrolled from the base. Zero view is when the hi-fi speakers are in use while the TV screen tucked away. In the 54:9 line view mode, it becomes an object and information hub with a minimalist form. It was designed to maximize the space utilization and prevent the TV from becoming a black monster. It also extends the user experience from the concept of turning the TV on and watching to listening and enjoying the TV even when it is off.

Designed by: HE UX team of LGE Design Center

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KOHLER Konnect

KOHLER Konnect is a smart bathroom solution that caters to the needs of every family member. The One-Touch Scenario prepares the bathroom for different purposes, and Inter-connecting offers smart settings for daily users. Machine learning personalizes experiences for the needs of everyone, and voice control facilitates a seamless interface.

Designed by: Kohler Design Studio


Cello Smart LMD (Last Mile Delivery)

Cello Smart LMD is a logistics solution that helps with the last-mile delivery. It helps drivers to schedule deliveries using an optimized route and to handle various situations that occur in the delivery process, such as traffic congestion.

Designed by: Jaesung Jo, Sooyoung Lee and Heejoung Kim of Cello Smart LMD for Samsung SDS


The Definitive Autonomous Car Experience

The Autonomous Vehicle Simulator (AVS) is the future car experience. Created in response to intensive global research, it identified the brand experiences that people want when they no longer need to drive. It is a place that knows its passengers, what they like, what they want and what they need. It’s a time machine that gives back all those wasted hours driving a car. Designed from the inside-out, the AVS is a fully holistic, integrated physical and digital experience. The Definitive Autonomous Car Experience studied the future city and the urban landscape, demographic shifts, technology roadmaps and evolving user behaviors. It synthesized a unique set of high-value opportunities that generated hundreds of new patents for Ford. These innovations included connected applications, projected image HMI, transparent contextual displays, mechanical engineering invention, and highly tailored touch and voice control that reaffirms the brand presence and enables a premium end-to-end experience.

Designed by: Native Design for Ford Motor Co.


Play Impossible's GameBall

Play Impossible's GameBall is an active gaming system that combines physical play with digital app magic to ignite the joy, challenge and entertainment that keep kids moving and engaged with one another. Play Impossible's debut physical product, Gameball, bridges the gap between addictive digital media and physical activity, combining both worlds into a singular experience. The Gameball's lively motion and energetic sound design engage kids within the Play Impossible App where the Gameball is the controller. In this paradigm, the physical object is made digital—simply toss the ball to change games and tap to start.

Designed by: Gadi Amit, IDSA, Tony Smith, Jon Patterson, Timmy Chau and Stan Moiseyenko of NewDealDesign with Brian Monnin and Kevin Langdon of Play Impossible.


UX for HS50/60

HS50/60 is an ultrasonic device of SAMSUNG MEDISON which can be used in various diagnostic fields such as radiology, OB/GYN, internal medicine and musculoskeletal. UX for HS50/60 is a project analyzing user behavior patterns and optimizing the usage environment, and is categorized into ease of use, intuitive design and optimized environment. Ease of use is to extract video output more promptly. Intuitive design minimizes visual design elements so users can focus on the information they actually want. Optimized environment enhances colors in accordance with usage conditions and viewing angle.

Designed by: Song minjung, Kwack Eunjeong, Ha Kilsu, Pak Jieun of Samsung Medison

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BeanQ OS

BeanQ OS is an intelligent robot for early childhood education. The Q in BeanQ refers to “cute.” The user interface of BeanQ comes from the shape of beans. With a vivid design language and mutiple innovative and interactive modes, it can serve as a friendly source of knowledge for children.

Designed by: Feizi Ye, Tingting Xue, Jian Sun, Fan Li and Xue Mei of Intelligent Stweard Co., Led.

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