Best in Show

The BESPOKE Family Hub UX is a high-definition touch screen mounted on a refrigerator door that provides useful and fun information for the whole family. It offers an array of screens that harmonize with the refrigerator and the kitchen décor, as well as the Home Board, the device’s digital and analog interface. Using the Home Board, family members interact with the Family Hub for a seamless, depthless, and easy-to-control experience. It consists of four themes that can be customized based on the family’s lifestyle. The Family Board records family memories, the Culinary Board provides meal planning and recipes preferred by family members, the Homecare Board controls and manages the entire home including appliances, and the Entertainment Board offers music and streaming video enjoyed by family members. It also offers voice-powered control of major functions for vision-impaired users. Through the Hub app, family members can check and generate content anytime, anywhere through their mobile devices. 

Designed by: Digital Appliance UX group of Samsung

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