Digital Interaction


NIRO Max is a robot designed to assist airport passengers with check-in, ticket return, flight info, and other inquiries and patrol airports as a security officer. The SLAM technology enables it to walk freely and charge itself autonomously. 

Designed by: Fan Yang, Shiyan Li, Daisong Guan, Daiyan Liu and Bingkang Luo of Beijing Baidu Netcom Science and Technology Co., Ltd. for Baidu Corp.

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The website for the Naver Datacenter was redesigned around the concept of “the visionary archive” so users can understand the meaning and value of data in their lives.

Designed by: Im Taesoo, Choi Hyungwoo, Kim Jisoo, Choi Yesol and Kim Jinwook of newtype imageworks for NAVER DATACENTER GAK

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SentiAR is a 3D augmented reality platform that projects real-time holographic images of a patient’s anatomy. Driven by a head-mounted display, SentiAR transforms both the patient’s and clinician’s experience with electrophysiology interventional procedures. The SentiAR system is used as an adjunct product to assist the clinician in the visualization of the heart anatomy during cardiac mapping and ablation procedures. The holographic visualization that appears to be floating over the patient is fully controllable through hands-free gaze-controlled operation by the clinician. SentiAR increases the rate of success of cardiac ablation procedures and transforms the user experience in surgical environments.

Designed by: HS Design (HSD) in collaboration with SentiAR, Inc.

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MI Rearview Mirror System

The MI Rearview Mirror System is an intelligent vehicle monitoring system and driving assistant incorporated into a rearview mirror. It providing users with a safe and pleasant driving experience. The inconvenience and complexity of a product directly affects the user experience; therefore, the MI Rearview Mirror System was designed to be simple and convenient. Users interact with it through voice commands. They can query information, play music, get directions, and make calls—all without having to toggle through a menu or push buttons. With the MI Rearview Mirror System, users need only focus on driving. 

Designed by: An Ran and Xie Yan of MIoT UED Team of Xiaomi Mobile Software Co., Ltd.

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The BESPOKE Family Hub UX is a high-definition touch screen mounted on a refrigerator door that provides useful and fun information for the whole family. It offers an array of screens that harmonize with the refrigerator and the kitchen décor, as well as the Home Board, the device’s digital and analog interface. Using the Home Board, family members interact with the Family Hub for a seamless, depthless, and easy-to-control experience. It consists of four themes that can be customized based on the family’s lifestyle. The Family Board records family memories, the Culinary Board provides meal planning and recipes preferred by family members, the Homecare Board controls and manages the entire home including appliances, and the Entertainment Board offers music and streaming video enjoyed by family members. It also offers voice-powered control of major functions for vision-impaired users. Through the Hub app, family members can check and generate content anytime, anywhere through their mobile devices. 

Designed by: Digital Appliance UX group of Samsung

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Airstar Bank

Airstar Bank, one of the first virtual banks approved to operate in Hong Kong, needed to develop an instantaneous, secure 24/7 mobile banking experience. The app-based solution includes advanced risk management that leverages big data technology to make its financial services accessible for more people, minimizes user fees, and provides a personalized and compelling user experience. Included in the target user group were lower-income earners and those underserved by banking services, making it easier for them to get support for their financial needs. Focus was put on expressing a strong visual identity for the brand and providing users a simple and clean interface that reduces their cognitive burden.

Designed by: Yu Cheng, Xu Zhang, Haixi Luo, Yuanmin Guo and Lin Li of Virtual Bank Product Center of Xiaomi Finance for Airstar Bank Limited

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Mintit UX : Used Mobile Phone Upcycling Service Design UX/UII

The Mintit user interface uses artificial intelligence to help people upcycle their mobile phone through a kiosk installed at malls in South Korea. Traditionally, selling a used mobile phone has been a challenging experience due to disagreements between the buyer and seller over the phone’s condition and value. With the help of Mintit's AI and the remote dialogue user interface, users can easily check their phone’s condition, evaluate the buyback price, and instantly sell their phone at the kiosk. Since Mintit’s launch, more than 20,000 phones have been collected and recycled each month. 

Designed by: Inition Inc. for SK Networks Co. Ltd.

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Fitbit Inspire HR UX

The Fitbit Inspire HR packs customers’ favorite features into a compact, efficient form factor with personal daily stats, notifications, and dead simple exercise goals. The sensors in the Fitbit Inspire HR provide real-time feedback of step count, heart rate, calories burned, active minutes, distance traveled, and sleep stages. All this data is just one swipe away from the clock face. Text messages, chat messages, and calendar reminders are displayed in crisp, simple pop-ups. Whether it be a calorie goal on a run, a distance goal on a bike ride, or a time goal while swimming, the Fitbit Inspire HR helps users set goals and achieve them.

Designed by: Fitbit User Experience Team

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Everland S-Ticket

The Everland mobile application delivers an integrated experience from purchasing and scanning admission tickets to making attraction reservations.

Designed by: Heejoung Kim, Dongmin Shin, Kyeamin Jeon, Taesun Yoo and Kwangyong Jeong of Samsung SDS for Everland

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Mi AI Speaker-S GUI+VUI User interface

The Mi AI Speaker-S helps users play music, control smart home devices, make phone calls, set customized alarms and play electronic photo albums.

Designed by: Xiaomi Intelligent Hardware Design Group

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