Digital Interaction

WeSure Dictionary

The WeSure Dictionary app is an illustrated dictionary for popularizing insurance knowledge, helping people better understand their insurance agreements. 

Designed by: Liu Dongdong, Lin Qing, You Ying, Zhang Jiefan, Wang Jiayan, Qiu Wenyi, Fu Yaxin, Wang Qing, Yin Tingting, and Cao Xi for Tencent WeSure

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Vintage.City is Japan’s first vintage fashion platform where users can search, browse, and find unique vintage fashion items and stores in one easy-to-use interface. 

Designed by: Myong Won Seo, Hyun Jung Lim, Jae Hyeun Kim, Eui Hwan Lee, Seong Yeon Jo, Seon Hye Hwang, Ji Won Kang, Yong Jae Kim, Se Ah Chun, and Yoo Kyoung Kim of NAVER

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OriginOS Ocean

An operating system dedicated to smartphones, OriginOS Ocean creates a rich multidimensional user experience by integrating visuals, actions, social communication, and functionality, providing engaging interaction. 

Designed by: vivo Mobile Communication Co., Ltd., Origin Design, Shenzhen, China

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NC FictionPlay Campaign

The goal of the NC Fiction Play Campaign is to connect people with pleasure, inspiring even one person to enjoy their life. It breaks away from the mundane experience of short stories by adding the concept of play. 

Designed by: newtype imageworks, NCSOFT

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Kinetic Wallpaper

Kinetic Wallpaper for the OriginOS Ocean platform promotes healthier lifestyles. When a user achieves their daily step goals, it displays a special animation that is smooth, harmonious, and coherent. 

Designed by: vivo Mobile Communication Co., Ltd., Origin Design, Shenzhen, China

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This online CMF resource and design consulting brand site for industrial designers has an extensive database with more than 300 samples to allow users to review and compare solutions. 

Designed by: Dohee Kim, Yuri Park, and Juneyang Goo for Intops Co., Ltd.

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Environment aware Window

This live wallpaper built into the Mi Smart Display Speaker gathers sensor data scattered around your home and generates 3D images showing your home’s ambient conditions in real time. 

Designed by: Qi Jingxuan, Yuan Huanhuan, Zhang Tianru, Ren Hongru, and Wang Haoheng for Beijing Xiaomi Mobile Software Co., Ltd.

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Energy Management System for Vanke

This intelligent energy-management system helps companies facilitate their energy management by tracking the data, analyzing it with an algorithm, and creating an optimization plan. 

Designed by: User Experience Center of Midea Building Technology Institute

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Upcycling Smartphone at Home

Through simple software updates, the Upcycling Smartphone at Home enables users to upcycle their old smartphones as home IoT devices and to establish a smart home. Connect an old smartphone to the SmartThings app and use your existing sensors to monitor and adjust your home conditions in real time. You can also connect it with other IoT appliances for home automation. This service has given new life to countless older smartphone models that are still functional, helping people to take part in building a sustainable future while creating their own smart home.

Designed by: Hyungjoo Nam, Hyunjin Shin, Jongkee Lee, Bonheon Koo, and Minji cho of Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

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Samsung India Keyboard

Data suggests that only 12% of India’s population prefer English, while the other 88% prefer Indian languages. As the majority of more than 1.3 billion people in India, which is the world’s second-largest smartphone market, rely heavily on local languages and scripts, it becomes essential to improve the typing experience to support vernacular language needs. The Samsung India Keyboard with a vertical grid supports 29 different Indian languages on the same grid, making it easy and intuitive to find consonants and vowels. Users can type with minimal error, and the clear distinction between vowels and consonants provides a balanced typing load for faster text input.

Designed by: Vikas Chopra, Rishabh Johri, Supriya Manna, Vanshika Saigal, and Mahelaqua of Samsung Design Delhi for Samsung Electronics

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