Spyfish® STV User Interface


Client: H2Eye International Ltd., United Kingdom

The Spyfish interface has all the information a user needs on the screen, but it doesn't take away from the subject or force the eye away from the middle of the screen. The interface successfully communicates all of the information without being busy. The Spyfish system allows an underwater view for the user on the surface.

"The Spyfish User Interface's appeal is that it creates an intuitive awareness of the Spyfish's depth and direction without competing with the user's sense of underwater exploration and adventure. The translucence and subtle color of the overlaid graphics are easily legible without detracting from the feel of being submerged in the ocean." -Andy Diaz Hope, IDSA

Contact: Scott Underwood, IDEO,

Credit: IDEO, U.S. & United Kingdom and H2Eye International Ltd., United Kingdom