The Redesigned features refreshed branding along with a new logo and a reengineered website. The process included numerous designs that were eventually integrated to create a workable site. Early prototypes were done in node.js backend and hogan.js for templates. The platform was entirely done using Javascript, which was fast, easy to debug, efficient and easy to work with.

Designed by Wes Hatch, Jens Wachtel, Karl Stanton, Greg Ratner, Peter Nealon, Jean Victor, Sohel Siddique, Sadie Pak, Philip Fisher, Casey Sheehan, Thadeu Morgardo, Megan Man, Francesco Bertelli, Stefanie Pitaro, Chris Huban, Ross Proulx, Jose Guizar, Justin LaFontaine, Jason Tiernan, Matt Lawrence, Perry Blackshear, Laura Ambrose, Sam Chung, Bryant Jow, Kate Perkins, Hannah Proferl, Andrew Delamarter, Sam Weston, Elba Rosario, Zane Hart, Tom O'Reilly, Amaani Hamid and Jae Salavarrieta of Huge

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