Oraya IRay Radiotherapy System

Featured Finalist

Advanced Wet Age-Related Macular Degeneration (AMD) is a leading cause of vision loss for seniors worldwide, and an increasingly burdensome problem for physicians, practices and healthcare systems facing an extremely fast-growing, elderly patient population. Standard therapies require costly, often lifelong and near-monthly medical injections directly into the eye. These treatments are highly stressful for many elderly patients, and expensive for healthcare systems. The Oraya IRay System is the first device to use X-rays to treat wet AMD. A one-time, 20-minute, IRay treatment is delivered to outpatients in a clinic or hospital. No post-treatment recovery is required. By precisely controlling the dose, and targeting and delivering X-rays to the diseased area of the retina—the IRay System often reduces or eliminates the need for injections.

Designed by: Andy Santi-Johnson , Diana Greenberg, Phil Halbert, Chris Wilsona and Pete Gleason of Oraya Therapeutics, Inc.
Contact: Bill@bridgedesign.com