Nike ID


Client: Nike

The NIKE iD Web site provides a fun and easy way for users to customize and buy footwear and gear. The site transforms the visitor into a designer, allowing them to apply their own choice of colors and materials to a broad range of shoes, bags and equipment. In this redesign of the site, the original HTML version was completely replaced using Flash in order provide a more inspiring and vibrant experience in keeping with the dynamic and innovative characteristics of the NIKE brand. The result has been a site that soundly outperforms its HTML predecessor in terms of both user experience and commerce effectiveness. A more intuitive design interface, which includes visual call-outs and audio cues, helps guide users through the build process and has generated a higher completion rate for product builds. The new design also reduces the time it takes to add new products to the site by more than 80 percent.

Contact: David Frankfurt,

Credit: R/GA