NAVER Service History Wall at Connect One


The NAVER Service History Wall is in the lobby of NAVER’s new office facility, Connect One. Most company’s history boards provide one-dimensional facts in a chronological order. NAVER organized the growth of 53 services multi-dimensionally. Moving, 3D contents are shown on a massive wall to accurately express the active history of our services. Our employees can gain inspiration from our past successes and failures. IT services constantly change depending on users’ needs so an interactive media history was built, instead of a unilateral graphic or book to symbolize the users’ significance to our services. Visitors can use the leap motion controller to see the history and relationships of each NAVER service.

Designed by: Chae Seon Ju, Kim So Young and Kang Sae Bom, CX Division, NAVER Corp; and Jung Suhan and Choi Donghoon, Creative Team, VINYL I