NAVER Music Mobile App

Featured Finalist

NAVER Music is a digital music service operated by NAVER, Korea’s leading mobile service operator, and is used by millions of people daily. Most users now consume music through online music services, such as NAVER Music. However, CDs are still a symbol of the most familiar way people listen to music. Therefore, NAVER applied the offline experience of listening to music, as well as the visual aspects of offline music, to an online service. The square CD and circular CD were adopted to create a new listening unit. Each CD is placed in the music list and then each track is dragged into the playlist. CDs in the playlist are separated so that music can be organized by tracks and CDs, allowing users to create a playlist more quickly and easily. People’s favorite CDs can be fixed to the home screen to create their own music library.

Designed by: Eon Kim, Kyung Hee Yoon,Yu Jun Lee, Myung Soo Park and Doo Sun Yoo