Line Webtoon Mobile App and Website

Featured Finalist

Webtoon, which is visited by more than 6.2 million readers a day, celebrated its 10th anniversary. That same year it went global under the name LINE Webtoon. Unlike traditional paid cartoon content, including published comics and graphic novels, webtoons are free cartoons that are available online so that everyone can easily access them. LINE Webtoon provides a service that is optimized for the Web and mobile apps, which is helping it secure a wider fan base in both Korea and abroad. NAVER has translated Korea’s popular webtoons into multiple foreign languages so that international readers can enjoy them too. The team behind LINE Webtoon had made tireless efforts to create a service that can grow into a convenient and attractive platform. 


Designed by: NAVER BX Center - Sungho Lee Hyeeun Son Juyoung Kim Jungmi Cha Jisu Kim Youngjun Jun Juan Hwang Miae Lee of NAVER Corp.