KaleidescapeTM Home Theater Movie System User Interface


Client: Kaleidescape

This subscription service allows users to choose from thousands of movies that are delivered to the home via an Internet connection. Designers needed to develop an authentic and engaging experience that would offer the user unprecedented control over their entertainment environment. The solution is a carefully orchestrated series of events that combine the traditional elements of a movie theater, such as a curtain rising, with personalization control. Three navigation methods were created based on these motivations: I know what I want, get me to it; I know something about what I want, help me find it; and I have no idea what I want, inspire me.

  • Titles are presented in column form.
  • When the user highlights a title, information about the selected movie is displayed.
  • This product won the Manufacturer's Excellence Award for Best Video Product at the 2003 Custom Electronic Design & Installation Association Expo.

Contact: Wendi Parson,
Smart Design,

Credit: Smart Design