Interactive Surgical Manager


The Interactive Surgical Manager (ISM) is a checkpoint dashboard software system that facilitates the inter-operating room communication in a hospital. The main function of ISM is to provide the integrated management of the medical supplies necessary for surgery. ISM is connected to the enterprise resource management (ERM) of a hospital, which contains data on medical supplies and displays the data in editable form to medical doctors and nurses on a real-time basis to help them prepare for the operation. ISM divides the operation process into three stages: pre-operation, on-operation and post-operation. ISM also displays specified medical supplies and instruments for each stage. The design of the ISM interface helps medical personnel reduce human error that can occur in the dynamic emergency environment. Clear and organized communication for medical supplies in the operation room also optimizes the medical task process.

Designed by: Yebin Kim, Chaelin Song, Eunji Park, Gyu Hyun Kwon and Seung Hun Yoo of Korea University