The HBO GO app provides HBO subscribers with instant access to more than 1,400 titles, including every episode of the best and most popular HBO series. It allows users to begin watching the full-length content on their iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch or Android, minimizing click through and maximizing usability across the various devices.    

Credits: HBO, Alison Moore, SVP HBO Digital Platforms, Hans Deutmeyer: Vice President, HBO/MAX GO, Joe Bahr: Director, HBO/MAX GO Product Management, Carla Labianca: Director, HBO/MAX GO Production, Paul Sacchetti: Digital Product Development Manager, HBO/MAX GO, Lucas Perlove: Digital Product Development Manager, HBO/MAX GO, Otto Berkes: Senior Vice President, Consumer Technology, Rob Caruso: HBO Vice President, Device Application Engineering, Interactive Technology, Gianna Luppino: HBO/MAX GO Product Development Analyst, Huge, Gene Liebel: Chief Strategy Officer, Felipe Memoria: Partner, Product Design, Brian Baker: Art Director, Thadeu Morgado: Design Lead, Jordan Knott: Production Manager, Jea Yoon Lee: Project Manager, Joshua Dern: Senior Product Strategy Lead, Todd Grimason: Associate Experience Lead, Marcelo Eduardo: Associate Design Director, Andre Cunha: Senior Art Director, Grace Salem: Interaction Designer and Samir Zahran: Product Designer