Eastman Innovation Lab


Client: Eastman Chemical Company

The Eastman Chemical Company wanted an interactive, community-based Web site in order to connect with the design community, improve existing products and identify new market categories. The interactive site provides designers with material design resources that allow them to proactively develop new products and services during all stages of the design process. With this initiative Eastman has embraced the evolution of the design process in which materials are increasingly dictating form and, in many cases, designers are driving materials decisions at the start of a project instead of the end. The site's graphic user interface is highly visual yet simple, with non-technical descriptions of materials, straightforward navigation, relevant content and applications and inspirational animations.

"The Eastman Innovation Lab brings the visitor into a world that clearly conveys credibility and expertise. Their products speak for themselves while providing constant demonstration. The web site provides confidence and demonstrates innovation within their category." -Peter Arnell, IDSA, Founder and Chief Creative Officer, Arnell Group

Contact: Ben Vokes,
The Brewery, United Kingdom,
+44 (0)20 8439 8400,

Credit: The Brewery Ltd, United Kingdom