Design Strategy

Universal Bathrooms

Client: National Institute of Disability & Rehabilitation Research

A unique example of a good federally funded research program with innovative thought processes applied to retro-fit problems. The Universal Bathroom concept uses two entries, movable fixtures and movable panels to retrofit existing bathrooms for universal design. Because many people are aging, become disabled, etc., and do not want to move from their house, retrofitting the bathroom is an economically viable and a physically easier alternative than moving to another location.

Contact: Drew Kelley,
Kelley Design Group,

Credit: Kelley Design Group and University at Buffalo

SELFTEL & Mobile Printer System

An innovative changing interface allows the Personal Communication Device to be two units in one: a personal contents manager with a detachable SKIN (software) format to enable users to choose contents and a printer with a detachable cartridge.

Contact: Seung-Eun Erin Chung,
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd., Korea,

Credit: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd., Korea

Pediatric Sedation Headset

Client: Albert Einstein Healthcare Network

Creating a new design language for the genre, the Pediatric Sedation Headset will be used by children ages three to eight. The unit consists of a headset that dispenses inhaled anesthetics, a monitoring system-pulse oximetry measures oxygen in the blood and heart rate. A capnometer measures carbon dioxide in expired air-and an interactive entertainment component helps the child relax during the anesthesia process.

Contact: Ed Milano,
Design Continuum,

Credit: Design Continuum and Albert Einstein Medical Center

Next Generation Quest Concept

Client: Nissan Design America

With a well-executed interior combined with a superb balance of curvature and straight lines, the Next Generation Quest minivan targets buyers who reject minivans, because of the "soccer mom" stigma. Making design a corporate priority, Nissan created a vehicle that has a striking appearance and functional innovations.

Contact: Alfonso Albaisa,
Nissan Design America,

Credit: Nissan Design Center, Japan and Nissan Design America

MIT Sputmik Microphone Concept

Client: MIT Sloan School of Management

The Sputmik infuses an interesting juxtaposition of meeting sociology with the need for audience participation. Sputmik is a wireless microphone designed for safe and easy audience contribution in a large, dimly lit auditorium. The unit can be thrown over or under handed or simply tossed. A glowing button on the sphere indicates how to activate the microphone.

Contact: Ed Milano,
Design Continuum,

Credit: Design Continuum and MIT Media Lab

Kerve Bike Saddle

Using an innovative combination of two concepts, the Kerve Bike Saddle prototype features a customizable split saddle seat with two air bladders to improve the comfort for competitive cyclists. A developed product would use three or more bladders per side for a higher level of customization.

Contact: Gerard A. Furbershaw, IDSA,
Lunar Design, Inc.,

Credit: Lunar Design, Inc.

Endonetics Gerd Monitor

Client: Endonetics

The Endonetics GERD Monitor has a sharp and well-implemented design. It is a wireless catheter-free system that receives 48 hours of data from a patient who has received a 45-minute non-evasive outpatient procedure that places a small gelcap to the wall of the patient's esophagus. The whole process is to treat GERD (Gatroesophageal Reflux Disease), the third most common form of chronic pain.

Contact: Charles Curbbun, IDSA,

Credit: DDStudio, Endonetics and LS Research

Cuisipro Café Collection

Client: Browne & Company Ltd., Canada

Carrying the family resemblance and design strategy throughout the line, the Cuisipro Café Collection is an attractive collection of high quality coffee and tea related tools, including coffee canisters, coffee scoops, grinder brushes, tampers, a cocoa/sugar shaker, thermometer, bag clip and tea infuser.

Contact: Kelly Stadelbauer,
Kerr and Company Inc., Canada,

Credit: Kerr and Company Inc., Canada

The Family Doctor

The futuristic design and analogy has creative appeal and the detailing of the monitor is refined. The Family Doctor is a friendly pill form home diagnostic concept. One part of the device is ingested while another monitors the results, then feeds those results through a network to the physician.

"A friendly form emulating a pill reinforces the device's function. The monitor has a creative style not usually seen with medical devices." - Pascal Malassigné, FIDSA

Contact: Seung-Eun Erin Chung,
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd., Korea,

Credit: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd., Korea

Good Morning and Good Evening

A beautiful project about the kitchen environment of the future with well executed design, the Good Morning & Good Evening concept is the serious expectation of the future form of digitalism and networks in the kitchen. This new form includes a digital communicator-wearable on the neck, wrist or ear, a digital gate to the house and household appliances, and the digital desk.

"A wonderful set of exciting design concepts that present the future form of household products. It illustrates that the conventional notion 'less is more' goes out of date. It also helps us in experiencing the delightful new world of 'less is a bore.'" - Kyung-won Chung, Ph.D., IDSA

Contact: Rumi Lee,
LG Electronics Inc., Korea,

Credit: LG Electronics Inc., Korea