Design Strategy

Aura Concept

Fashion becomes a seamless interface between technology and people in the wardrobe of a future model named Aura. A barcoded barette replaces the common wallet and becomes Aura's integrated digital identification and account system. The fabric of a skirt becomes a flexible display screen. A wearable jewelry piece stores 3D body data and shopping information to produce holographic images of Aura as she tries on clothes.

"A fascinating projection of how technology can simplify our daily routines. This concept is illustrative of the way good design creates a seamless interface between the technology and the user." -Helen Kerr, I/IDSA, Kerr & Company

Contact: Mark Dziersk, IDSA,
Herbst LaZar Bell, Inc.,

Designers: Herbst LaZar Bell, Inc.

THAAD Mobile Command Shelter Concept

Client: Dept. of Defense - U.S. Army

The Theater High Altitude Area Defense, a mobile system of detecting and eliminating enemy missiles, was initiated in 1991 in response to Iraqi scud missiles fired at Israel. The Army had spent $17 billion on the system that was ergonomically undesirable and failed to meet a 1999 Army directive for 96-hour deployment. Carlson Technology's sweeping redesign is a 21st century approach that saves millions of dollars, meets deployment requirements and improves operating conditions.

"A fascinating example of classic industrial design meeting the science fiction world (at least in cost figures) of the military. This very viable design reaps highest marks for its user-friendly approach to a vital human interface point in a missile defense system. It eliminates not only potential hazards and complexities, but enhances the self-reliance, comfort, and quality of life for the men and women on duty with the unit. The resulting look and feel is also very much in line with the self-image of the future high-tech military, a factor not to be underestimated for motivating tomorrow's youthful troops. The potential cost and maintenance savings garnered through design are a textbook lesson for government and business alike." -Chris Bangle, IDSA, BMW

Contact: Dennis Carlson, IDSA,
Carlson Technology Inc.,

Designers: Carlson Technology Inc., Lockheed Martin Missiles & Space, Raytheon Systems Co., Thaad Project Office, Kulick Enterprises Inc. and PEI Electronics, Inc.

Ashcraft Design, Infiniti Prelude Loudspeaker

Infinity Prelude MTS Loudspeaker System

Winner: 2001 IDSA Industrial Design Excellence Award, Gold IDEA Award
2000 Excellence in Design, Appliance Manufacturer
2000 Innovations 2000 Design & Engineering Showcase Award

Designers: Ashcraft Design
Client: Infinity Systems

Prelude is the flagship product in a new series of 3 product lines designed to reposition Infinity as the pre-eminent American speaker manufacturer in its category.

The Prelude combines new audio technology, superior sonic performance and a distinctive design to revitalize the brand.

Cory Greenberg, of Audio Magazine said, "visually as well as sonically, these speakers make as bold a statement as I've seen high-end audio produce in quite a few years. Prelude MTS is far and away the finest sounding loudspeaker system to ever wear the Infinity badge – Highly recommended."


Snowsoft Snowboard Gear

The Snowsoft Snowboard Gear is a series of well-developed concepts of aesthetics, functionality and safety that address the anti-culture aspect of snowboarding. The gear includes two helmets (soft and hard) with electronic housing for MP3 players, two-way radios, avalanche beacon, etc. and two tools (soft tool and lock) that are mounted on the snowboard away from the body where they have traditionally been kept and caused injuries during accidents.

Contact: Gadi Amit,
newdealdesign, LLC,

Credit: newdealdesign, LLC

Smart Cooker

n intriguing concept that went very far to optimize the line of movement within the cooking space. A touch screen color display accesses the Internet and controls the induction pad. Once the recipe is downloaded, the cooking time and temperature is automatically controlled. When not in use the induction cookpad of thermosetting silicon is rolled into the main unit, saving space. A Taste Sensor can acknowledge food properties (like cholesterol or fat) and taste, allowing the user to adjust the recipe.

Contact: Seung-Eun Erin Chung,
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd., Korea,

Credit: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd., Korea


An innovative solution to treating non-life threatening injuries, the SmartAid would help emergency workers treat victims in an event that multiple persons are injured in an accident. Those victims who are deemed not serious would be treated with a SmartAid bandage, which would diagnose the wound, deliver therapeutics and communicate vital signs to on-site emergency staff or nearby emergency facilities via a wireless connection.

Contact: R. Reade Harpham,
Battelle Healthcare Products,

Credit: Battelle Healthcare Products

Skyline Lifestyles Rail System

An innovative and intuitive step forward to solving the plug & play problems in vehicles, the Skyline (SLRS) is a flexible docking technology used in cars, SUVs, minivans, etc. that can be used for the plug-and-play attachment of a wide array of modular devices, including CD/DVD players, video displays, remote-control devices, storage products, small tool kits and first aid kits.

Contact: Leif A. Norland,
Johnson Controls,

Credit: Johnson Controls

Microsoft Office Keyboard Research

Client: Microsoft Corp.

Microsoft went through a careful and rigorous effort during the Office Keyboard Research that studied the affects of empathy, efficiency, engagement and creativity of users when using the power of the personal computer. The results saw dedicated keys to offer one-step, quick action for most common task performed by the mouse or keyboard shortcuts. The results of the research were featured on the Microsoft Office Keyboard.

Contact: Carl Ledbetter, IDSA,
Microsoft Corp.,

Credit: Microsoft Corp.

FirstLook Fetal and Infant Monitor

The well-executed design of the heart-shaped FirstLook monitor allows expectant parents to monitor the progress of the unborn child throughout the entire pregnancy, rather than only when visiting the health care provider. Remote sensors are attached to the mother's clothes and real time 3D image and vital signs are visible on the handheld screen or transferred to the doctor via an Internet connection.

Contact: R. Reade Harpham,
Battelle Healthcare Products,

Credit: Battelle Healthcare Products

Avion Workstation

Radiating a clean elegance, the Avion Workstation is an environmentally sympathetic, retro-designed product with three main functions: work surface, storage and screening. The workstation can be assembled in 15 minutes and makes components do double duty. When the unit is ready for replacement, it can be broken down without using specialized tools and the parts are recyclable.

Contact: Beverly Horii,
Teknion, Canada,
(416)661-1577 x2101;

Credit: Teknion, Canada