Design Strategy

TETRA Terminal and Wearable Mobile Solution

Client: Symbol Technologies Inc.

While on the beat, UK police currently use their non-secure personal cell phones to communicate and they do not have access to photos or detailed information on criminals. This held-held terminal would provide data and voice communications, digital imaging and bar code scanning to the UK police officers over the secure European radio frequency called TETRA. They would not need to carry bulky notebooks or fill their cars with hundreds of forms.

Contact: Alistair Hamilton, IDSA,

Designers: Steiner Design Assoc., Symbol Technologies Inc., and Geoff Swope

Cisco 3G Concept

Client: Cisco Systems

The antennae of the new millennium, this micro cellular station would be mounted in public areas to enable the latest transmission of wireless data between mini personal devices and the Internet. Intricate pin fins would maintain the heat dissipation that wireless technology of this caliber requires. The fins would keep the 3G at a stable working temperature while adding unique design characteristics to the product.

Contact: Carol Koffel, IDSA,
Gingko Design, Inc.,

Designers: Gingko Design, Inc.


Client: Ericsson Research/Cyberlab, Singapore

This exploratory into the design of a wireless application for teens positions Ericsson at the forefront of applications and services for next generation wireless networks. The application could be deployed on a variety of 3G terminals and would enable teens to learn about their friends' moods and communicate with them by tapping on iconic representations of their faces on the color screen. The friends could control the facial expressions of their respective "faces" giving an at-a-glance and continually updated picture of their status.

Contact: Michael Margolis,
GVO Interaction,

Designers: GVO Interaction and Ericsson Research/ Cyberlab, Singapore

Living Memory (LiMe) Concept

Client: Philips Design, The Netherlands

LiMe is a project funded by the European Commission that seeks to create novel exchanges of knowledge and experience between people in a community. Philips developed two working prototypes by using the existing community of Edinburgh as a test group.

Contact: Annemieke Fröger,
Philips Design,
+31 40 27 59 066;

Designers: Philips Design, The Netherlands, Queen Margaret University College, United Kingdom, Domus Academy, Italy, Imperial College of Science, Tech. & Med., United Kingdom, and Universite Rene Descartes, Paris V, France

Firefly Concept

Nightlights are simple objects with a powerful purpose that inspired a team of designers to create a whimsical and eclectic collection ranging from the Glimo, a solar powered version that attaches to a window with suction cup feet, to the sprout with a self-charging base and illuminated stems that can be wrapped around objects.

Contact: Maureen Rathjens,
Lunar Design,

Designers: Lunar Design

Hoover Q Concept Vacuum Cleaner

Client: Hoover, United Kingdom

In a perfect world the vacuum would push itself from room to room and that's just what Hoover's concept vacuum would do. It uses infrared sensors to follow the user through the house. A remote control allows the vacuum to unplug itself from an outlet and slowly retract the cord to avoid whipping.

Contact: Scott Underwood, IDEO,

Designers: IDEO

Amtrak Acela Express

Client: Amtrak

Amtrak has been heading for a collision with a Congressional mandate for operational self-sufficiency by 2003, and the high-speed rail it will introduce in the Northeast corridor could put it on the right track. IDEO took a ten step approach to define the ultimate customer experience and designed the Acela Express completely around customer needs to capitalize on the ease and comfort of rail travel while increasing competitiveness with air shuttles.

"This sensible and elegant design is a move toward the 'train culture' of Europe. A transport system of this calibre will encourage train travel, which answers an ecological problem of huge proportions." - Naomi Gornick, I/IDSA, Brunel University, U.K.

Contact: Scott Underwood, IDEO,

Designers: IDEO, Nikolaus Frank, Adrian Corry, IDSA, OH & CO and Amtrak

FedEx Courier Tools & Branding Strategy Research

Client: FedEx

FedEx is the $18 billion industry leader and its logo on everything from planes to drop boxes is an icon. But the FedEx Global Brand Management Group was less than impressed with the message that its 50,000 couriers were sending to customers when they struggled with their handheld terminals, printers and other tools. ZIBA Design applied 3D branding, a balance of visual aesthetics and interaction study to ensure that the tools the couriers used would earn them the desired reputation as high-tech, modern, personal, leading-edge, efficient and enthusiastic.

"The research team did an excellent job illustrating the application of design guidelines in the design of various courier accessories that not only make work easier on route personnel, but increased and built brand equity. It's a textbook example of how thorough and creative design research can directly feed a design program." - Bryce Rutter, IDSA

Contact: Michael Francis,
ZIBA Design, Inc.,

Designers: ZIBA Design, Inc.

2001 Jeep® WILLYS Show Vehicle

This small, capable and affordable four-passenger SUV pays homage to Jeeps of the past while showcasing the design and technology of the 21st century. This is the car for adventurers with a sense of environmental responsibility. Large wheels and tires located at the corners of the vehicle maintain superior off road capability while the gray color of these silica tires won't leave black marks on trails. The stance is aggressive while the high beltline gives the user a sense of added safety.

"Despite it's cartoon overtones, it does all a show vehicle should do, and is remarkably consistent in design throughout. Nice details, such as visually extending the wheel spokes into the tires, and an appropriate and innovation "interior" combine to make a significant concept vehicle, one that expands our narrow range of thought about what it means to be a "Jeep." - Chris Bangle, IDSA, BMW

Contact: Freeman J. Thomas,
DaimlerChrysler Corp.,

Designers: DaimlerChrysler Corp.

DUO Bi-directional Door Refrigerator

Imagine a refrigerator where food doesn't hide in the farthest corners and you can survey your inventory without opening the doors. It's clear that the transparent, bi-directional doors are not the only innovative features of the DUO refrigerator. Family members can use the voice memo system to leave messages for one another like the notes that are often pinned to traditional models and a removable bar caddy lets you roll chilled beverages and glasses right to your guests.

The efficiency of this design could start a revolution in kitchen appliances. By resolving front and back as a single system, mobility has been introduced to what was formerly a seriously static object." - Dallas Grove, IDSA, Flextronics Design

Contact: Chul-Bae Lee,
LG Electronics Inc, Korea,
+82 2 2005 3105;

Designers: LG Electronics Inc., Korea