Design Strategy

OPUS Design System

OPUS is a design system for UX/UI designers that helps them work faster and smarter. It provides the best references and templates based on the user analysis and helps designers follow the design standards by giving them real-time feedback about their work. The self-learning structure enables OPUS to continuously develop itself to be a better design buddy.

Designed by: Youjing Jang, Hyeunim Cho, Boyoung Choi, Jaewon Seo, and Taemin Kim of Samsung SDS



FLOW is a logistics monitoring strategy for global logistics control and command centers. The video wall is a vital tool for group collaboration and tactical planning of mission-critical events. FLOW also helps operators and managers obtain insights to make informed decisions when facing issues such as port strikes and natural disasters.

Designed by: Sunghye Cho, Kyungeun Hwang, Ranhee Yu, Junghun Yun and Sungjin Hong of FLOW for Samsung SDS

Contact: cxteam@samsung.com

TurboTax Visual System Redesign

For the past three years, the TurboTax design language primarily existed as a singular system heavily grounded in DIY tax prep. Intuit’s consumer group has built brand recognition around TurboTax as a fast, painless way to take care of taxes. In need of an update, and paired with the business decision to introduce new offerings beyond just taxes, the TurboTax Visual System Redesign developed a completely revolutionized, cohesive system that will purposefully flex along each customer’s unique journey and deliver an innovative experience end to end.

Taking an outside-in approach, specific decisions were made based on how customers want to act, feel and behave when engaging with the new and different brands (TurboTax Live and Turbo) during tax season and year-round. The result is a more personalized connection reflected throughout the entire online ecosystem and carried through the in-product navigation experience.

Designed by: Intuit Consumer Design Team


Dolby Brand Design System

The Dolby Brand Design System is a documented design language that translates the intangibles of the Dolby portfolio of brands into physical and experiential manifestations through a common vocabulary. The comprehensive design system spans and integrates brand strategy, graphic design, photography, video content, motion graphic, industrial, environmental, user interaction and experience design disciplines. The system provides the tools and creative guidance to establish a consistent identity for all endpoints and experiences while allowing for guided flexibility for discrete solutions.

Designed by: Dolby Design, Astro, Hatch and Awake for Dolby Laboratories, Inc.



SPRING is a pioneering accelerator that supports entrepreneurs and businesses whose products and services have the potential to transform the lives of adolescent girls living in poverty worldwide. Working in East Africa and South Asia, SPRING identifies 18-20 local entrepreneurs each year and provides business and experience design expertise alongside access to funding in order to accelerate the growth of their businesses and to support their communities. When the program ends this year, SPRING will have reached over 3 million girls.

Designed by: Yves Béhar, IDSA, Roo Rogers, Sam Sturm, Martha Deery and fuseproject design team


NCR Accessibility Strategy and Features

All ATMs and self-service kiosks, including those for airline check-in and retail self-checkout, must be accessible to everyone regardless of ability or prior experience. As a global leader in self-service technologies, NCR designs to the requirements of 35 standards in 30 countries; however, we strive to go beyond the minimum accommodation afforded by standards.
This strategy submission encompasses a number of user-centered design-led initiatives including universal product design; creation of two unique product features; collaboration with users with disabilities, collaboration with organizations that represent users with disabilities, legislators and standards bodies and manufacturing partners.

Designed by:  NCR User Centered Design team for NCR Corporation

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Brightics is a tool which helps analyze big data, quickly and easily. With an intuitive interface, users can see how the data changes, step-by-step. Brightics does not require complex programming, so even a novice can explore, extract and prepare data with just a couple of interactions. Brightics helps start analyzing in the right direction, provides a guide to the next steps and visualizes the results for better understanding. Brightics illuminates the way from beginning to end in data analytics.

Designed by: Juyong Kim,  Jaewon Seo, Yoonji Jeong, Seongsik Seo, and Kyeamin Jeon of BRIGHTICS for Samsung SDS

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Redesigning the First-Time Voter Journey

Young Americans vote at rates significantly lower than other age groups. But that doesn’t make them insignificant. There were 10.7 million more eligible voters in 2016 than 2012, showing that this segment is growing in both size and influence. The nonprofit Democracy Works understood the stakes of the 2016 election, but lacked the research capacity to understand the challenges first-time voters faced. It also lacked the design resources to translate these insights into their flagship product, TurboVote, an online tool to navigate the voting process. Democracy Works partnered with SAP Design and the Co-Innovation Center to fill this gap by redesigning the journey of the first-time voter.

Designed by: SAP Design & Co-Innovation Center for Democracy Works

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ORI is a groundbreaking startup out of the MIT Media Lab that has developed robotic furniture and architecture that transforms at the touch of a button. Installed into studios or one-bedroom apartments, ORI glides on magnetic actuators with a gentle push or remotely through the corresponding app. One ORI unit can turn a studio or one-bedroom apartment into a full-sized bedroom, living room, office and closet, essentially tripling the usability of a small living space.

Designed by: Yves Béhar, IDSA and Logan Ray of fuseproject for Ori, Inc.

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TurboTax Self-Employed

TurboTax Self-Employed (TTSE) delivers the first year-round integrated tax preparation and expense tracking solution designed specifically for the needs of the more than 55 million taxpayers who are a part of the self-employed workforce. TTSE offers on-demand industry experts and money-saving deductions that give the self-employed the confidence that their taxes are done right on their mobile device.

Designed by: TurboTax Self-Employed Design Team for Intuit

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