Verdi Lawnscaping system


Verdi is a low-maintenance modular landscaping alternative to traditional grass lawns. The pre-seeded interlocking tiles with built-in irrigation practically eliminate the need for high-pollution mowers and inefficient water usage. The entire system is connected to a pump that circulates gray water through the tile network. Modular accessories, such as solar-powered light tiles, shrub planters and path tiles, give Verdi a versatility unavailable to most backyard do-it-yourself enthusiasts. The tiles can be fitted with a variety of inserts, including recycled glass composite, bamboo or molded recycled plastic, to extend the aesthetic possibilities, transforming any space into a beautiful, environmentally sensitive oasis.

“This is a completely new idea, and a truly great one: a garden you can easily design and assemble like Lego blocks on your terrace, roof, or even your bedroom.”

Richard Sapper, Consultant

Contact: Tara Prasad
773-907-0100 x255

Credit:Insight Product Development