Umpqua Bank Design Strategy


The Umpqua Bank retail design strategy translated the culture of a small community bank into an integrated brand experience and helped Umpqua grow from $120M to $8B. While most banks focus on convenience and speed, Umpqua connects with localists, people who value community prosperity as much as their own. Part café and part community resource center, Umpqua's new retail experience exemplifies the concept of "slow banking." Sponsored events include book signings, investment clubs and lectures. An interactive community wall displays neighborhood photos and reminds everyone of a common financial goal for the community. Umpqua Rewards is a loyalty program that pays points for doing business with other members.

"I was struck by the audacity of the concept...Making the bank a place to linger and enjoy rather than the "can't wait to get out of here" mentality...I love taking the bank in a whole new direction foreign to anything done before in this category. The Starbucks of banking!!"

Frank von Holzhausen, IDSA, President, Group Four, Inc.

Contact: Rebekah Ratner-Singh: Credit: Ziba Design Client: Umpqua Bank