Touch Messenger


The Touch Messenger gives blind users in China an affordable, user-friendly cell phone experience on par with sighted users. Current text messaging devices for the blind convert text to speech via a text reader, which negates the privacy and unobtrusiveness intended with this form of communication. With the Touch Messenger’s innovative screen and keyboard for Braille text messaging, blind users can now take advantage of this rapidly growing form of communication. In addition, products for the disabled tend to lack the emphasis on design and aesthetics as those for the general population. Therefore, the design is as much a fashion statement as it is a tool. Its soft, curved form not only allows for easy use with either hand but also appeals to the blind with its great tactile feel and to the sighted with its simple, clean, organic look.

“…a great example of the power of design to solve problems elegantly and efficiently. The Touch Messenger democratizes the use of cell phones for the handicapped population with its clever execution.”
Robyn Waters, founder and president,

Contact: Li Qing Zhou
Samsung Electronics

Credit: Samsung Design China (Korea), Samsung Design China (China), Samsung Design China (US)