Toshiba Red Transformer laptop


Client: Toshiba, Japan

The Toshiba Red Transformer laptop, with its 17-inch flat screen, easily transforms from the utility of a laptop computer to the fun of a flat screen home entertainment center. In creating a portable computer truly adapted to the home user, the designers recognized the need to lose the computer-like personality that distracts from a clean entertainment experience. The fiery red enamel coating alludes to the power of the machine resting inside and the casing exhibits a very simple, strong geometry. When opened, the continuous silver front does not distract from the media experience, while its high grade finish leaves an impression of quality and high-tech resolution. A unique sliding hinge attached to the back of the screen transforms the computer into entertainment mode by pushing the screen to the forefront. The screen rests on the integrated speaker panel and a removable remote control and keyboard allow the computer to be controlled from afar.

"From the simple hinge articulation of the screen to the transformation to a flat screen home entertainment unit, this computer is a long overdue and ingenious creation. The series of simple components which fit so beautifully together and function in such a balanced way provide for an increasingly sophisticated and demanding public-whether they are business or leisure users. Get it to market quickly, we need it!" -Natascha Drabbe, I/IDSA, Project Manager, Premsela, Dutch Design Foundation

Contact: Catherine O'Connor,
fuseproject, USA,

Credit: fuseproject