THAAD Mobile Command Shelter Concept


Client: Dept. of Defense - U.S. Army

The Theater High Altitude Area Defense, a mobile system of detecting and eliminating enemy missiles, was initiated in 1991 in response to Iraqi scud missiles fired at Israel. The Army had spent $17 billion on the system that was ergonomically undesirable and failed to meet a 1999 Army directive for 96-hour deployment. Carlson Technology's sweeping redesign is a 21st century approach that saves millions of dollars, meets deployment requirements and improves operating conditions.

"A fascinating example of classic industrial design meeting the science fiction world (at least in cost figures) of the military. This very viable design reaps highest marks for its user-friendly approach to a vital human interface point in a missile defense system. It eliminates not only potential hazards and complexities, but enhances the self-reliance, comfort, and quality of life for the men and women on duty with the unit. The resulting look and feel is also very much in line with the self-image of the future high-tech military, a factor not to be underestimated for motivating tomorrow's youthful troops. The potential cost and maintenance savings garnered through design are a textbook lesson for government and business alike." -Chris Bangle, IDSA, BMW

Contact: Dennis Carlson, IDSA,
Carlson Technology Inc.,

Designers: Carlson Technology Inc., Lockheed Martin Missiles & Space, Raytheon Systems Co., Thaad Project Office, Kulick Enterprises Inc. and PEI Electronics, Inc.