Sun Family (Alloy)


Sun Microsystems's new family of rack-mounted servers and desk-side workstations signals the company's commitment to the x86 server market and to eco-responsibility with CoolThreads(TM) technology. The new designs were developed with a focus on delivering system solutions that addressed customers' current and future needs. Key elements include common interfaces and components that can be shared across several products and product generations. The team focused on reducing human error, making systems easier to interact with and use, thereby requiring less training. Aesthetically, the designers wanted a consistent system appearance that radically departs from that of the previous hardware lines and marks a new generation of significantly improved servers and workstations. The products' metallic alloy finish helps them to stand out from the dark tones common in data centers. The overall functional appearance reflects the system's quality, accessibility and performance. As part of Sun's focus on eco-responsibility, consideration was given on building products with extensibility, minimal components, materials appropriateness, and modularity.

Contact:Christopher Frank
Sun Microsystems

Credit:Sun Microsystems User Centered Design Group, Sun Microsystems and montgomerypfeifer, inc.