Sirius S-50 Design Strategy


This design strategy involved an entirely new line of satellite radio products. Designers were asked to define the family of devices and develop a visual language as well as build an overall brand identity with the hopes of increasing the adoption of satellite radio technology. Extensive research provided a direction: reinvent the radio experience by combining the nostalgic simplicity of traditional radio with the control and advanced technology of digital media. Therefore, the variety of devices (portable media player, car dock, executive speaker dock, boom box and home dock) gives ultimate portability and flexibility to the listening experience, including one-touch song recording and the ability to generate play lists from favorite stations. The simple, intuitive, familiar interface makes it easy for the user to take advantage of the revolutionary features of satellite radio technology. After the line debuted, Sirius subscriptions were up by 97 percent and revenues by 250 percent.

“A textbook case study of the role and value of design planning in the design process. It shows that design and design strategy today is part of any considered and smart business strategy.”
--Denis Weil, IDSA, senior director, innovation planning and advanced concepts, McDonalds Corp.

Contact:Uani Tillmon
ZIBA Design, Inc

Credit:ZIBA Design, Inc. and Sirius Satellite Radio