SHIFT Concept Bicycle


The SHIFT bicycle helps children learn how to ride a bike by gradualy teaching them how to balance on their own. With this concept, designers wanted to evolve beyond traditional training wheels, which only serve to prevent a bike from tipping. SHIFT provides more balance at lower speeds when stability is most critical (starting and stopping). As the child builds forward momentum, the bike's dual rear wheels shift inward, thus causing the balance to gradually shift from the bicycle to the child. Designers also wanted the bike's appearance to help build self-confidence. The look evokes nothing of the generally perceived childish training wheels.

"This entry propagates the fundamental principals of good design. It impresses the user with its design, absent of any additional performance-enhancing gadgetry. A very well thought-out design that's also cool!" -Nasir Kassamali, IDSA, Owner, Luminaire

Contact: Scott Shim,
Purdue University, USA,

Credit: Scott Shim, IDSA, Purdue University; Matt Grossman, IDSA; Ryan Lightbody, Purdue University