Optimize C1e


Surgeons often need to take or make phone calls and view charts and images during surgical procedures. Nurses will usually hold the receiver to the surgeon's ear so as not to contaminate his or her hands. Monitors and x-rays are put in available space or on a wall, requiring the doctor to look away from the surgery to view them. This graceful, hands-free unit funnels all the incoming information to the doctor so he or she won't have to contaminate hands or look away. The safety goggles feature an earpiece and microphone with Bluetooth technology. Calls can be patched through the hospital's phone system. The lens also features a system for viewing video ensuring the doctor's eyes never leave the procedure.

  • The lenses also enhance viewing in a variety of lighting conditions.

Contact: Gerard Furbershaw, IDSA,
Lunar Design,

Credit: Lunar Design and Optimize