"Open Architecture" Electric Guitar


The design strategy for RKS's open-ended hollow body electric guitar helped to bolster the company's brand identity by differentiating RKS from the competition via a high level of product innovation. Electric guitars are continually redesigned and yet the form and structure barely vary from guitars of the 1950s. RKS answered this dearth of design innovation by developing an open architecture design platform. At the core, the instrument was perfected for balance, ergonomics and tone/sustain. Then, a wide variety of ribs and bodies in different sizes, shapes and colors were designed that are able to be mixed and matched to produce an infinite variety of styles. Many price levels appeal to a wide array of consumers. At the same time, the use of exotic tone woods was reduced 66 to 80 percent. With this strategy, manufacturing costs have also been reduced by 25 percent.

Contact: Ravi Sawhney, IDSA,
RKS Design, USA,

Credit: RKS Design; RKS Guitars