Niveus Rainier and n9 Media Servers


The Rainier and n9 Media Servers take an all-in-one approach to create the ultimate home media experience—one remote, one interface, one source. Rather than a stack of separate components, Rainier and n9 consolidate and simplify the process of storing, retrieving and playing media (movies, music, TV, photos and radio), eliminating the confusion consumers often have with high-end home theater equipment. Their bold, simple and minimal designs emphasize and enhance performance while not overpowering a room’s décor. Because of their unique combination of audio-video and PC features and functionality, major hi-fi stores, such as Magnolia and Harvey, have embraced Rainier and n9. Both devices also won a 2007 Consumer Electronics Innovations Award, and Popular Science featured Rainier as one of the top three must-have devices.

Contact: Ariel Turgel
Whipsaw Inc.

Credit: Whipsaw, Inc. and Niveus Media Inc

Client: Niveus Media Inc