Nike eyeD - Device Singularity 2014


Conceived for a Wired magazine feature on device singularity for the year 2014, the Nike eyeD concept is a brilliant idea for how to motivate people to be active. When the credit card-size Nike eyeD is inserted into extended-interface accessories, such as waist and arm carriers, it links wirelessly with HUD glasses, wrist displays, etc. to provide seamless control and information. For the athlete, it captures your complete athletic experience and coaches you to reach your goals faster. For the spectator, it allows you to experience sport through the eyes of the elite athlete with hi-def streaming video and haptic audio. As a community, it connects to a global competition network around the world so users can locate and compete against others with similar interests, both in real time events or against recorded historical leaderboards. On an interface level, personal data and content is navigated via a hybrid touch-capacitive, voice and tactile interface.

Contact: Scott Wilson, IDSA,
Nike, USA,
+1 503 532 4458,

Credit: Nike; KDLAB