Mitsubishi E Boost Concept Car


The E Boost concept car introduces a new direction for sports car design, demonstrating the possibilities for expanded performance hybrid systems of the future. The goal of this design exploration was to combine the look and performance of an exotic car with sport-coupe fuel efficiency. Many of the design innovations in the E Boost are found in its mechanics with the electric motor also doubling as a performance-enhancing device. The car's evocative appearance and soft, athletic lines are a unique departure from the current automotive trend toward heavy, sharp, boxy forms. The exterior color features a specially developed pigment that appears to glow from within to create the effect of molten metal, while the interior styling is forward thinking with a clean, uncluttered instrument panel centered around an LCD screen.

"A combination of power, beauty and conscience-a sexy body on a hybrid engine." -Eric Chan, IDSA, President, ECCO Design

Contact: Amy Hiroshige, IDSA,
Mitsubishi Motors R & D of America, USA,
714. 934. 8129,

Credit: Mitsubishi Motors R & D