MicroMedia Paper


In this design exploration, the team sought to make a prediction as to where media technologies will evolve by the end of the decade. MicroMedia Paper is a basic media player. It enables people who are either unable to learn how to use current digital technologies or lack the financial wherewithal to purchase the required hardware to view digital still images, video and music. Digital content (from a digital camcorder, for example) is wirelessly downloaded to the MicroMedia Paper. The user accesses the digital video, stills or music using a simple interface that mimics the familiar interface of a VCR. Digital images can be played in a slide show model or viewed individually. Cost projections for the end of the decade are estimated to be $35 per pack of 10. MicroMedia Paper's innovation is in its simplicity and affordability. Its bare bones solution adroitly meets the needs of its intended users.

Contact: Gerard Furbershaw, IDSA,
lunar design, USA,

Credit: Lunar Design