Lexus LF-A Concept Car


While the LF-A concept makes a major statement about how the Toyota brand would define exotic sports car performance, it was conceived to express the company's new styling philosophy, "L-finesse," which is based on concepts of dynamism and inherent contrast between simplicity and elegance. Simplicity, in form and function, reflects styling that is uncluttered and void of extraneous elements. Elegance, inside and out, avoids exaggeration by prioritizing understated luxury that is intriguing, subtle and seamless-and slightly surprising. The key to the formula is how the visual contrast and synergy between simplicity and elegance creates a look that is dynamic, forceful and vigorous. As a pure sports car, LF-A offers strong emotional connection to people.

Contact: Shin Sano,
Calty Design Research (A division of Toyota), USA,

Credit: Toyota Europe Design Development, France; Lexus Design Div. Toyota Motor Corp., Japan