An alternative solution to the typical office panel, Kabe blends rectilinear Japanese architecture and Shaker furniture joinery. Kabe has an intuitive, tool-free assembly/disassembly procedure and outstanding sound absorption. The acoustical material, recognizable from its use in sheet form in automotive trunk liners, is entirely made of recycled polyester fiber and the unit was designed to have "endless recycle-ability."

  • A truly unique approach to a product that has already been reinvented numerous times.

"The choice of materials and simplicity of execution not only addresses some real issues-sound absorption, multifunctional use and reusable resources-but highlights a poetic sensitivity to craft traditions, which enriches the work environment on a wonderfully visceral and aesthetic level." - Christine Lüdeke, IDSA, Industrial Designer, ludekedesign

Contact: Doug Oswald, IDSA,
American Seating,

Credit: American Seating