Jeep Hurricane


The purpose of the Hurricane project was to design the most maneuverable, most capable, and most powerful 4x4 ever. The exploration resulted in a twin-engine fully-functional concept vehicle with the ability to turn on its own axis. Adding to the vehicle's maneuverability is its ability to crab steer (all four wheels can turn up to 45 degrees in the same direction, allowing the vehicle to literally move sideways). Hurricane's raw and honest appearance helps communicate the vehicle's extreme capability. An exposed carbon frame, brushed and polished aluminum components and HEMI orange engine blocks and interior accents are true to the materials used. Designers succeeded in creating a vehicle that has generated enthusiasm and buzz for the Jeep brand-as seen in the positive media coverage and many awards and accolades.

Contact: Aaron Pizzuti,
DaimlerChrysler-ChryslerGroup, USA,

Credit: ChryslerGroup