Intelligent Energy ENV Bike


ENV is the world’s first purpose-built hydrogen fuel cell motorcycle, intended to demonstrate the potential of this technology, all in a fashion-forward design. In addition to being lightweight, streamlined and aerodynamic, its performance outstrips all electrically fueled bikes. The bike’s iridescent white and high-gloss black finish express its parallel natures: a utopian vision of clean power and the excitement of a hard-edged good ride. The ENV motorcycle produces almost no noise pollution, and the only emission is water vapor pure enough to drink. The bike can run for up to four hours before refueling.

“Alien and earthy, irreverent and inviting. The ENV Bike is a beautiful design contradiction.”
--Alistair Hamilton, IDSA, vice president, corporate innovation and design, Symbol Technologies, Inc.

Contact: Caroline Collett

Credit: Seymourpowell (Great Britain) and Intelligent Energy (Great Britain)