Hunterlab Photospectrometers


This three-product family of laboratory photospectometers represents a bold new direction for Hunterlab products. Introducing a set of new and notable key brand attributes, overarching design principles, and signature design elements has brought harmony to the products despite their unique form factors and end-user functions. The new visual brand language is approachable in the lab, is easy to use and maintain, and celebrates the cutting-edge technology contained within. Hand-fabricated one-at-a-time solutions from previous generations have now been replaced by thoughtful, well-engineered, mass manufacturable parts. This opened the door to innovations like motorized automatic height adjustment, spill-proof internals, and satisfying magnetic closures while also reducing the overall part count.

Designed by: David Bulfin, Paul Rockwell and Monty Montague of BOLTGROUP along with Michael Scardina, Tod Kerr and Michal Haring of Hunterlab

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