HP Masher Digital Music Mixing Device Concept


The Masher is a digital music mixing device for professional DJs. The ability to carry over 12,000 songs and a complete professional-level mixing station in one package that weighs less than 25 pounds is groundbreaking. The large number of cables and time consuming assembly of traditional systems have been reduced to a single Firewire cable and a setup that takes only seconds. The Masher's appearance resembles a high-end musical instrument with bookmatched dyed flame maple on the outside. When opened, the technology is warmed by an ornate pattern on the handle plate that is reminiscent of carved wind instruments. The HP Masher concept was designed to highlight several key technology capabilities HP brings to digital music and underscore its business strategy for digital entertainment: technology that is digital, mobile, virtual and personal. Demonstrations have resulted in broad positive press and increased customer interest in HP digital music.

Contact: Scott Underwood,

Credit: Hewlett-Packard; IDEO