Home Cinema II


The Home Cinema II is a completely do-it-yourself home theater system. It eliminates the mess of wires and expense of professional installation though wireless video technology. The straightforward system is comprised of just two components: the Smart Shelf and a digital projector. The Smart Shelf houses the cinema screen, which is automatically raised when the projector is turned on. In addition to a built-in DVD player, the shelf also contains a connector panel for other AV input devices (cable, VCR, PC). When not in use, the shelf has plenty of room for decorative items and furnishings. The projector can be mounted on the ceiling or placed on a coffee table. The white ceramic finish of the projector and the natural-wood finish and metal trim details of the Smart Shelf complement any home décor.

Contact:Mark Solomon, IDSA
Hewlett Packard

Credit:Hewlett Packard and Pix Interactive