Harmonic FOCUS™ Curved Shear with Harmonic® Blue Hand Piece


This is a radical, first-of-its-kind multifunctional surgical device that allows surgeons to dissect, grasp, coagulate and cut tissue. It is powered ultrasonically through the Harmonic® Blue Hand Piece (transducer), which turns electrical energy into mechanical motion. The device uses ultrasonic technology that eliminates any electricity passing to or through the patient and it has revolutionized delicate surgeries that require precision instrumentation, such as head and neck surgeries and breast tissue dissection. FOCUS™ has demonstrated outstanding clinical outcomes, including safer dissection near vital structures, increased surgical efficiency and reduced time in the operating room.

Credits: Matt Miller, IDSA, Steve Eichmann, IDSA, Harmonic Focus, Blue Teams of Ethicon Endo Surgery and Design Team of Design Science
Contact: Matt Miller, IDSA: mmille16@eesus.jnj.com