Gourmet Settings at Costco


The design strategy for this new line of flatware helped the manufacturer increase its market share in an industry dominated by price-driven competitors. Since little advertising budget was available, the design of the product, packaging and display became the marketing. Optimizing logistics—such as configuring the packaging to maximize the capacity of shipping containers and a self-merchandising strategy that animates the product in high-volume, warehouse retail settings—also helped achieve product differentiation and cost containment. The modular display cartons let consumers see exactly what they are buying. In addition, the bold color, strong typography and clever copywriting of the packaging produce a striking presence in a sea of bland cardboard and reinforce the product’s high value and competitive price.

“An engaging, effective example of the power designers have to enhance value and elevate the mundane.”

Moira Cullen, Design Director, North America, The Coca-Cola Company

Contact: Helen Kerr, IDSA

Credit: Kerr & Co. (Canada) and Hahn Smith Design

Client: Gourmet Settings (Canada)