frog Light Bulb


The light bulb concept takes the form of the traditional light bulb, but one-ups it in efficiency by using a high-output LED as the light source. This prototype also uses half the power of a fluorescent while lasting ten times longer. The desirable light qualities of an incandescent remain, but this version is made of unbreakable plastics, solid-state components and no mercury. Its familiar form gives it shelf appeal and provides a simple way for the average shopper to make an eco-friendly choice for their home. This attractive concept bulb is infinitely dimmable and comes in six patterns that reflect light differently.

"The LED light bulb is a compelling and iconic concept. You can easily envision replacing any incandescent bulbs or mercury-laden CFL's in your home with this LED. Promoting the use of LEDs as a warmer, energy efficient and long lasting light source in a familiar package is a concept with longevity."

Jane Savage, IDSA, Director of Category Integration, Nike, Inc.

Contact: Chelsea Baker: Credit: frog design Client: