Ford Shelby Cobra Concept


The Cobra is back with the old-school feeling of the original and a thoroughly modern execution. Still all about speed, this concept rendition has no windshield wipers, no side mirrors and no convertible top. To emphasize clean bodylines, the designers even omitted the door handles, instead placing the inside handles up high, where they can be easily reached from outside the car. A trio of video cameras creates real-time color images that are displayed on a digital version of the center rear-view mirror, the images from each camera stitched together on a liquid-crystal display to form a perfect 180-degree panorama of the competition. Proving that a minimalist roadster can be comfortable, the Shelby boasts more front seat legroom than a Ford Crown Victoria sedan.

"A powerful and elegant modern design that applauds the original 427 Cobra. The current design language of Ford polarizes original and future enthusiasts by adding structure to and deflating the original. The Cobra is again pure power without excess muscle, toned, a museum quality art piece that has a consistent level of detail from engine to interior. You could look at this for hours." - Amy Hiroshige, IDSA, Manager Design, Mitsubishi Motors Design America

Contact: Sue Quinlan,
Ford Motor Co,

Credit: Ford Motor Co