The food experience


In this concept designers have reinvented the food experience. Their multi-layered set of plates, cups, bowls and utencils enhance the visual presentation of the meal. The subtle balance between materials (largely porcelain and wood), smooth lines and discreet stacking diagrams highlights rather than obscures the chef's art form. The main fabrication challenge required the development of molding solutions that allowed for complex negative shapes to be attained.

"I applaud the design aesthetics of this entry. This design embodies the ritual of presentation and a respect for the food that we eat. Every detail, including the ceramic utensils, is well-studied for human interaction and comfort. The choice of materials is essential to promoting the importance of food to life. It has to enhance the users' food 'experience' every time they use it." -Nasir Kassamali, IDSA, Owner, Luminaire

Contact: Mario Gagnon, IDSA,
Alto Design inc., Canada,
(514) 278-3050,

Credit: Alto Design inc, Canada