Florence Concept


Client: Intel

Moving the computer from an office device to a consumer electronic device, the Florence concept addresses the need for portability and the desire for a better multimedia experience than a laptop is able to provide. With a stowable keyboard, remote control and phone and a stand that can be collapsed for transport, this design solution is a thorough contemplation of home computing and multimedia.

  • Its visual inspiration comes from furniture and high-end stereo equipment, to better integrate into the design of the home.

"This design concept succeeds in proposing how complex technologies can be integrated seamlessly, then packaged to be an object of desire that responds to both the user's pragmatic and visceral needs. It's understated yet confident aesthetic is a result of executing all the details meticulously. 'God is (indeed) in the details' on this one." - Christopher Alviar, IDSA, Principal, CG/A

Contact: Scott Underwood, IDEO,

Credit: IDEO and Intel